Programs & Services

Programs and Services

Wondering how Kind Bikes makes a difference in our community and others across the U.S.? Below is a summary of our programs and services that we offer to the Greater Atlanta Metro area and to our national community partners.

[tabwrapper id=”ske_alicontainer” itemno=”1″ orient=”h” effect=”1″] [tabs] [tabtxt]Kind Bike Rentals[/tabtxt] [tabtxt]One-on-one Training & Group Rides[/tabtxt] [tabtxt]Cycling For Good[/tabtxt] [/tabs] [tabcontainer] [tabcontent]We offer aluminium road bikes to help you train for and participate in your next charity race, duathlon, or triathlon. All Kind Bike Rentals include a Kind Bike, a car/SUV transportation rack, a bike lock, equipment drop-off, basic bicycle fitting, instruction on basic bike maintenance skills, weekly group ride invitations, and equipment pick-up; and start as low as $25 per month. To learn more about the Kind Bikes rental process as well as packages and prices, click How Kind Bikes Works; or if you are ready to submit your Kind Bikes rental application, click Rent a Kind Bike.

How Kind Bikes Works       Rent a Kind Bike

[tabcontent]We offer individual cycling training plans and one-on-one training rides for all our Kind Bike renters. As a certified cycling coach, Kind bikes Co-Founder Jimmy will work with you to develop the individual skills you need to help achieve your cycling goals while also learning how to ride in a group setting. If you are interested in having a customized cycling training schedule developed for you or schedule a one-on-one training ride, click the Request Individual Training button below.

We also invite our Kind Bikes renters to join our team on weekly group rides lead by cycling clubs in our community. Simply click the Upcoming Group Rides button for ride dates, times, and locations.

Request Individual Training     Upcoming Group Rides

[tabcontent]Want to make an impact in our community while cycling around Downtown Atlanta? Then join us for Cycling for Good on the last Sunday of every month at Noon in front of Loose Nuts Cycles in Grant Park. This amazing social initiative aims to provide fresh fruit, personal care items, and other essentials to Atlanta’s homeless. We invite you, your friends and family to join us at this month’s Cycling For Good. To learn more about Cycling for Good, click the button below.

Cycling For Good
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