How Kind Bikes Works

We see that you are interested in renting a Kind Bike. Great! We couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to the Kind Bikes family, but before you go further we’d like to make sure that you know everything you need to know about your rental. Below is an outline of the Kind Bike rental process, the available rental packages, additional services available,  and frequently asked questions. If you have a question that we don’t cover, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get an answer to you ASAP.

The Kind Bikes Rental Process Step-By-Step

1. Fill Out the Kind Bikes Rental Application

The first step to renting your Kind Bike is providing us with all your details through the Kind Bikes Rental Application. We ask for basic information such as your name and location, as well as key information to help us match you with the perfect Kind Bike.  This info includes your gender, height, and what rental package you’d like. We also ask for details on any upcoming charity race that you’re signed up for, but if you don’t have one targeted yet, no worries… we can help you find an appropriate race for your goals and experience!

We don’t ask for any payment information at this time, so don’t worry if you’re early in the process and still exploring rental options – you can continue past this step with no financial commitment.

2. We Match You To A Kind Bike

Once we receive your application, we review our bike inventory for the perfect Kind Bike for you.  You’ll be contacted within 72 hours with an update, and we may ask some follow up questions to make sure all of your needs are met.  As soon as possible after this window, we will send a full description of your Kind Bike plus the accompanying cycling equipment you will receive as part of your rental.

3. Confirm Your Kind Bike Rental

After we “package” your Kind Bike rental, we will e-mail you two weeks prior to the drop-off date to confirm. Please check that the equipment, services, drop-off and pick-up dates are correct. Once you have approved the details, we will ask for payment for your rental.

4. We Deliver Your Kind Bike

On the drop-off date you selected, we will deliver your Kind Bike and other cycling equipment to a public space. During this time, we will help you get comfortable with your Kind Bike – from a bicycle fitting to showing how to attach a bicycle rack to your car, our Kind Bikes Team will be there to ensure you that you’re road-ready in no time.

5. Take Your Kind Bike for a Spin or Two

Now that you have your Kind Bike, it’s time to ride! Bike around your neighborhood or find a local bike route to start accumulating miles towards your race distance. Don’t forget that Kind Bikes offers free group training rides to keep you motivated and focused on your goals!

6. Ride for Your Favorite Charity

After weeks and months of training, it will be time to support your cause and participate in your cycling event, duathlon, or triathlon. This is your time to have fun and enjoy yourself as you pedal for your cause!

7. We Collect Your Kind Bike

After you have completed your charity event, we will collect all the Kind Bikes equipment from you. It’s that simple!

Kind Bike Rental Packages and Pricing

  Standard Rental Package
Bicycle Included Aluminum Road Bicycle
Pedal Options Platform / Upgrade to Cage or Clip-in Pedals Available*
Bicycle Transportation Rack
Bicycle Lock
Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Bicycle Fitting
Time With A Kind Bikes Team-member To Learn About Your Kind Bike
Basic Bicycle Maintenance Training
  Standard Rental Package
Rental Price for More Than 6 Months $25 per month
Rental Price for 3 – 6 Months $35 per month
Rental Price for 1 – 3 Months $45 per month
Rental Price for Less Than 30 Days $50
Rental Price for a Race Weekend or Raceday Contact Us for Availability and Price

Additional Services

Cage Pedal Upgrade for Standard Package* $5 one-time fee
Clip-in Pedal Upgrade for Standard Package* $10 one-time fee
Adult Helmet  $25 (… and It’s Your’s to Keep)
Customized Cycling Training Schedule $35

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Kind Bikes rental include a helmet?

No. Kind Bikes maintains a fleet of high-quality bicycles to allow for reasonably priced rental but due to the fact that helmets develop a smell after being used, we do not rent helmets. However, we do sell helmets for $25 in case you don’t own one!

Will I need special shoes to ride a Kind Bike?

Only if you want special shoes! Clip-in pedals are available on Kind Bikes, but we can also provide the platform or cage pedals that lets you use any athletic shoe.

What is the difference between a platform, cage, and clip-in pedal?

Platform pedals are what you had on your bike as a kid, and can be used wearing any shoe. Cage pedals can also be used with regular athletic shoes but include a “cage” that your feet slip into – this allows you to both “push down” and “pull up” on the pedals to increase efficiency. Clip-in pedals provide the highest pedaling efficiency but require special cycling shoes.

What if I upgrade to cage or clip-in pedals, but don’t like them?

That’s not a problem. At the drop-off we will ask you to pedal around on your Kind Bike. If you feel uncomofrtable with the pedals that are on the bike, we will change them out for you right then and there. We will also refund you the upgrade fee.

I’ve only used a bicycle with straight handlebars, do you offer those?

No. All of the bicycles in our Kind Bikes fleet are designed for road cycling, and have drop handlebars. While drop handlebars can be intimidating, most riders stay in an upright position during the entirety of their ride by keeping their hands near the stem or by the brakes. If you are nervous about using drop handlebars, please feel free to contact a Kind Bikes team-member to discuss your concerns.

What type of shifters are on your Kind Bikes?

Our Kind Bikes fleet features three different types of gear shifters. The majority of our fleet have dropbar integrated combo shifters that combine the gear shifters and the brakes into one component. A few of our bicycles feature thumb shifters that sit on the handlebar near the stem. And our original Kind Bike, “Carrie”, features downtube shifters that sit on the tube that connects the front of the bike to the back. If you have a gear shifter preference, please let us know when you submit your rental application. We can’t guarantee that a Kind Bike with those gear shifters will be available, but if one is we will package that bicycle for you.

Do you offer any other rentals other than road bikes?

Yes. We also offer mountain bike rentals. If you are interested, please indicate so when you fill out our rental application.

Do you offer tandem bicycles?

No. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer tandem bicycles.

What is the weight limit of a Kind Bike?

Our bicycles have a weight limit of 225lb. This limited has been determined by the manufacturers of our Kind Bikes to ensure the safety of the rider.

Do you really drop-off my Kind Bikes rental to me?

Yes.  Kind Bikes wants to make sure that you are comfortable with your entire rental. To do so, a Kind Bike team-member will drop off your rental package on the date and location agreed upon. Although we call it a drop-off, we will spend up to an hour with you making sure you properly acquainted with your Kind Bike. We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing and bring your helmet to the drop-off.

Why can’t I get my Kind Bikes rental today?

We’d love to be able to provide you with your Kind Bike rental today. However, Kind Bikes is volunteer run, so we are only able to drop-off rentals when our volunteers are available. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Why can’t you drop-off my Kind Bike rental with a friend or family member?

Great question. We require that the renter be present at the time of the drop-off, because we need to fit the Kind Bike to you. That’s right. During your drop-off, we work with you to make sure that you are as comfortable as can be on your Kind Bikes, and that means making mechanical adjustments that are unique to you!

When do I pay for my Kind Bikes rental?

After we have confirmed all your details, “packaged” your Kind Bikes rental, and set the drop-off date and time, we will request payment. You’ll receive a PayPal invoice from Kind Bikes for the amount of your rental plus any one-time fees you have selected. We encourage you to pay your outstanding rental balance upon receipt. It is our policy that any invoice that has an outstanding balance seven days prior to the arranged drop-off date or two weeks prior to a day-of on-site pick-up will be canceled without notification. If your Kind Bike rental is canceled due to an outstanding balance, you can resubmit a Kind Bikes rental application. However, rentals are subject to availability and you may be placed on a wait list.

Do I have to put down a security deposit?

No, you don’t. However, at the time of your Kind Bikes rental drop-off we will ask for you to provide us with debit / credit card information to keep on file in case of major damages or loss of property. Kind Bikes will not charge your debit / credit card without first notifying you of the cost to repair damages or replace loss property as outlined in our rental agreement.

What if I need to cancel my Kind Bike Rental?

We understand that life happens. If you need to cancel your rental, we will refund your full payment as long as you cancel 48 hours prior to the agreed upon drop-off date and time. If you cancel within 48 hours of your drop-off date and time, Kind Bikes will refund 50% of your payment. If you cancel within 24 hours of your drop-off date and time, Kind Bikes will not refund your payment.

I rode in my charity event, but want to keep my Kind Bike to ride on a little while longer. Can I extend my rental?

Yes, you can! Just let us know at the event you would like to extend your rental, and if you Kind Bike is available for the length of time you would like to extend your rental, we will gladly do so. We will invoice via PayPal for your rental extension as wall as a $15 one-time charge for an off-site pick-up.

Are there group training rides?

While Kind Bikes does not host any weekday training rides, but several local cycling clubs do. Let us know where you live and we can help you find options near you.

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