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We see that you are interested in renting a Kind Bike. Great! We’re couldn’t be more delighted to help you support your favorite charity / nonprofit by providing you with the cycling quiptment you need to participate in an upcoming race. Please make sure you have reviewed How Kind Bikes Work (and our policies) before going further. If you’ve already done so, keep going!

To apply for a Kind Bike rental, fill out the form below. With the information you submit we will do our best to match the perfect Kind Bike to support you and your event. A Kind Bikes team-member will contact you within 72 hours to confirm your request and request further information about you and your event if needed.

Thank you for your interest in Kind Bikes and welcome to our cycling family!

Kind Bikes Rental Application

Thank you for helping us make 2017 a success. At this time, we are no longer renting bicycles for 2017.

If you are interested in renting a Kind Bike for a charity event in 2018, please check back during February of next year.

Thank you for your interest, and enjoy the Holidays.