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At Kind Bikes our goal is to help you raise money for your favorite charity or nonprofit by providing you with the bicycling tools you need to participate in a cycling event, duathlon, or triathlon. We offer bike rentals, training, and cycling know-how to anyone participating in a fund raising charity event. Whether you're a first-time cyclist or seasoned veteran, Kind Bikes is here to help!To learn more about Kind Bikes, simply scroll down or click on one of the buttons below for more information.


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Renting a Kind Bikes is really as easy as 1-2-3!

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Since January of 2016, Kind Bikes has helped individuals like you make a significant fundraising impact on local and national charities and nonprofits alike. We are honored to support those who not only challenge themselves, but also those around them to help create a better tomorrow.

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If you live in the Greater Atlanta Metro area and are ready to start training for an upcoming charity event, simply click the button below to start the rental application process.