Kind Profile: Samantha G

Kind Profiles
The Story of Those Who Ride and Support

Our Kind Bikes team has been lucky to have met so many amazing individuals who are truly champions for their causes. These individuals – event volunteers, ride participants, charity advocates, and cycling enthusiasts – dedicate their time and energy to making positive impacts for the causes they care so much about. To honor them, we have created “Kind Profiles: The Story of Those Who Ride and Support,” short narratives highlighting those who have made a lasting impact for their cause.

Kind Profile: Samantha G.

Samantha G will always have a special place in our Kind Profiles. Not only was she the first individual to rent a Kind Bike for a non-charity event, but she was also the first to bring her children to the Kind Bike drop-off. Both her and her little ones captured our hearts with their positive energy and sense of adventure. We are honored to bring you Samantha’s story, as well as to have been a part of her life’s journey.

Samantha training for her upcoming triathlon.

“No WAY!” “You’re CRAZY!” and “Not a CHANCE” were my responses when a friend of mine (perhaps “frenemy”) tried to rope me into doing a triathlon. I have always been more than happy with keeping my feet on the ground, and knowing my only investment in running was an annual pair of kicks gave me great pleasure. However, after intense debate, I conceded to participating in the Sunbelt Cohutta Springs Traithlon in Crandall, Georgia, but only if I could borrow all the equipment I needed and stay under my very modest budget.

My first lesson in cycling came instantaneously via google search: this stuff’s expensive! Turns out my entire budget would only get me a helmet! As I disappointedly scrolled, Kind Bikes appeared on the search results. Y’all, the clouds parted, the sun shone, and the angels sang as a sweet little bicycle with a heart wheel gave me the answer to all my problems. Well, maybe not all of them, but the biggest one for sure! After reading the mission statement I was totally hooked. The prompt response from Cat and the Kind Bikes Team got the ball rolling on what quickly became my favorite part of this whole experience.

I could write a list of “extras” a mile long, from working with my crazy schedule, to entertaining my 2 year old twin girls while mommy learned how to ride. The excitement the team had for outfitting me really got me pumped to start training, I think both wheels should be hearts on their logo to more accurately depict how much they love community, charity, and sport. There is absolutely no way I could’ve participated in the race without this organization, I’m so thankful that there are people in this world that have the passion for good that this team has!